The adventures of YOU... and a curious and creative, young Pangolin named Popo, who turns the mundane everyday into imaginative worlds, taking him and his fellow friends on adventures.

This animated children’s adventure series revolves around a loveable Pangolin and his fellow endangered friends, namely: a cautious, talkative Kiwi who has turned green from her love of Kiwifruit; an ever-happy, hoppy, toddler Quokka who hasn’t quite found his feet; and a mischievous Loris with a disdain for being tickled.

No one believes Popo about his ‘imaginary friend’.... you. But together you have the power to create imaginary worlds filled with adventure and right any wrong that’s been caused in the real world.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 – 8 boys and girls
DURATION: 10 VR experiences x 5 mins
GENRE: Animation, children’s adventure, fun with charm.


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