We work with a legendary team of creatives from around the world including concept artists, modellers, riggers, texture artists, animators, lighting artists, designers, sound engineers, UX designers, engineers, game developers, actors, cinematographers, performers, musicians and tech innovators.


CRAIG Rutherford

Chief Creator

Craig is a rising voice in the XR scene and shares his wisdom in speaking circuits about the power of harnessing story and technology. He is in the unique position of having learned directly from the pencil + paper animation legends coupled with a world-leading understanding of the new technologies in CGI Animation. Working for over 12 years in the industry, Craig went from honing his craft on 2D Disney releases before venturing into CGI Animation and working as a senior animator in the production of 3D Animated films, VFX, commercials and video games both in Sydney and London (Guardians of the Galaxy and The Jungle Book to name a couple).  He was fortunate enough to break into the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality world early on, working for Steven Spielberg on a pitch for a cutting edge, Immersive Feature film utilising these technologies.  He also has live action experience, producing and directing his own short film, The Uneducated.

From these strong foundations, Craig founded Evaro, with the purpose of taking Animation and Storytelling into the new and exciting frontier of VR and AR. 


Pam Rutherford

Research Strategist

A connector and enabler, Pam's forte is in helping people bring their visions into reality. She has worked for a global espresso coffee leader, establishing their humanitarian foundation, and supported a pioneer startup in London in the co-working movement. Evaro is an endeavour close to her heart as she works together with husband, Craig to build a better world of technology for their daughter to grow up in. Having produced short film /documentaries, Pam is all about contributing to the positive narrative of childhood and parenting in today's society and ensures all Evaro's projects do just that.



Digital Producer

Zoltan is a Senior Producer with 10+ years of digital experience, specialised in VR, AR, WebGL, Mobile and Web development.


If you would like to come on board for one of our projects, we would love to hear from you! We are also always on the lookout for writers, directors and producers who are looking for a new challenge of bringing meaningful narratives to these emerging technologies.