Popo Pangolin is not a show that you watch, he’s a friend that you have.
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Popo Pangolin


Popo is a Pangolin with a secret. He has an imaginary friend. You.

Some dismiss it as a coping mechanism for the Pangolin species. After all, they are the most endangered creatures on the planet.

But if you are truly real, well, only Popo and you know for sure. Peer into his world and together your imagination can take you anywhere, perhaps even helping his social dilemmas along the way.

SECTORS: Inflight, Healthcare, Tourism, Cultural Institutions, Events
GENRE: Immersive Animation and adventure.


A shy, but curious and creative, young Pangolin. Popo has mild hoarding tendencies, as an avid forager of collectables, and is often lost in his own world. He dreams of being heroic but is a reluctant leader and fails to see the simple solution to problems. He is ridiculed for having an imaginary friend that only he can see. 


A cautious, talkative Kiwi bird who has turned green from her obsessive love of Kiwi fruit. This girly girl, believes in her inner princess, despite her robust figure. She is the worrywart and voice of caution for the group and has been told her whole young life that her tiny wings are too little to fly, but pushed to the limits, who knows?


An ever happy, hoppy simpleton, who struggles to master his bounce and assess dangerous situations. He is a mixed bag of potential, you never know what you're going to get with Quokka. It takes a lot to sour his mood, but when it's soured, it's soured. He has his own language which he shoots from the lip in excitable fashion. 


A cheeky, thrill seeking tomboy. Loris has a competitive side and likes to be in charge even though her prankster personality often leads the crew into trouble. Ever the realist, she is the first to dismiss Popo and his childish imagination and is a serial tickler who by neighbourhood law, isn't allowed to be tickled back. 


In a tablet and phone led world, Popo Pangolin endeavours to be a Virtual experience that brings children back to what makes childhood so great. We want to remind children, what an amazing place the world is and despite our  differences, how great and interesting other people are. 

Virtual Reality is the greatest empathy tool we know of. They're not just watching a character on a screen, they are with him, and caring for him. 

Whether it's Virtual Reality, taking them into another world, or Augmented Reality, bringing pieces of that world into our own, we'd love to get children outside again, making their own fun and building memories.

Our heart is that Popo Pangolin can be that spark of imagination that lights up their own world.