A modern social media twist on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland


Alice struggles to find the words to fix her broken friendship with Eleanor, when an eccentric talking Rabbit hops through her mirror and invites her to join him and his many friends in Wonderland. 
Lost in this strange land, she meets the regal Book of Faces, joins the Hatter for his Tweeter feed, and seeks to find the Queen of Likes and the secret to her social success.

The only catch is, she'll have to abandon her own Reflection...


DURATION: 40-50 mins
GENRE: VR Episodic Experience – Animation, Fantasy.


The heart behind it

We were recently inspired and challenged by Simon Sinek's talk on the Millennial Problem. Being fortunate enough to have finished High School before Social Media took hold, we lived without the online issues facing today's generation, such as cyber bullying and body altering. Finding Alice is aimed to help those navigating the mad Wonderland of Social media and learn that true friendship and fulfilment come from honest reflection and real-life human interaction, not social media likes. 

Want to get involved?

If you're interested in being a part of this exciting virtual reality project, whether as a supporter, contractor or investor, we would love to hear from you.